Jacques dropped over 5% body fat and is the leanest he’s been!

“Pick It Up Fitness has created a family environment and an entertaining way to exercise. Within the first 6 months at Pick It Up I had seen dramatic changes to my physique, strength, endurance and overall fitness. I would make any excuse to get myself to the classes to see new friends and gain the best results possible. Kath, Michael and their respective support at the gym is like no other centre for training with absolute quality and attention provided to all within the family. I would never look towards any other form of training again.”

Nick dropped over 25 kg and gained over 3 kg of muscle

“When I first came to Pick It Up I never thought I could enjoy training in a gym so much. From the outset everyone was so welcoming and easy to get along with. Through the results I’ve seen, everyone involved clearly knows what they are doing. For me going to the gym used to be a hassle, but now I love going down for a killer workout and to hang out with some killer people.”

Eleni gained 3.4 kg of muscle and dropped 2% body fat

“When the going gets tough in our daily lives, Pick It Up is literally there to pick you right up. They inspire and motivate you in the best way possible! To the point you are so driven you never want to miss a class and only put healthy food in your body! I can’t believe my progress, it has exceeded my expectations! I have reached levels I never thought possible!”

Andy dropped 13 kg of body fat and gained 2 kg of muscle

“It probably took me quite a while to get motivated to start exercising again but once I started at Pick It up I couldn’t stop. With their great circuit designed classes and custom designed meal plans I couldn’t believe how the weight came off. Pick It Up have reinvented my life by giving me a level of fitness and strength that’s been missing for many years. I’m more active and motivated than ever and couldn’t be prouder to be part of the Pick It Up team.”

“Pick It Up has created an environment where everyone is welcomed to a big family. This makes me come back day after day, pushing myself to new limits. It’s super fun with a vast range of workouts and more motivating seeing everyone achieving their own fitness goals”

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