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re boot your system with 28 days of epic training, nutrition and coaches who’ll go the extra mile to see you succeed.

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1. epic training
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The Pick It Up Fitness 28 Day Challenge was designed to do more than pick a winner. It’s been engineered to change your life by teaching you what’s involved in your success. Learn how to create a meal plan full of foods you love, how to keep yourself accountable by looking at the bigger picture and how to set loose your inner athlete and train like a machine!

This is the Pick It Up Fitness 28 Day Challenge. Are you ready to
change your life?

Unleash your inner athlete! Our classes are designed to make you strong and functional. We pride ourselves on tailoring every work out to you as an individual.

Food isn’t meant to be boring. That’s why we give you the tools to create a meal plan Gordon Ramsey would be jealous of! Enjoy a meal plan specific to your lifestyle.

Catch up with your coaches every week to make sure you’re getting the most out of your challenge. Get feed back on your detailed exercise, mindset and meal log to keep your progress on point!

The days of judging your progress by simply standing on scales are gone. Start and end the challenge with a detailed body composition analysis to find out exactly what you’re made of!

Pick It Up Fitness Champion
Pick It Up Fitness Champion
Pick It Up Fitness Champion
Pick It Up Fitness Champion

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