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Do you want to make improvements to your fitness, health and wellbeing?
If your answer is “yes!” then Pick It Up Fitness Glen Waverley is the gym for you.

We’re a results-focused, boutique gym who care about you!

At Pick It Up, you’ll work out in a supportive environment; you’ll be trained by qualified and professional trainers and, most importantly, you’ll have fun. Whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or improve your strength, we’ll help you get where you want to be. Each of our group fitness sessions will allow you to try new and effective movements and exercises to keep you interested in working out and working on yourself.

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Since the beginning, our main focus with Pick It Up Fitness Glen Waverley has been creating group fitness programs that fit the needs of our members. That’s why we strive to offer you a more personalised approach compared to the group fitness classes offered at other gyms. You may be training with others, but you’ll still receive one-on-one nutrition advice, goal setting help, and tailored session planning from our expert trainers. Our group training workouts are the key to getting you on the road to reaching your true performance potential — and staying there! The training methods we use are measured to ensure that you remain on track to achieve your goals. Through high-energy group training at Pick It Up Fitness in Glen Waverley, you can transform your body and your lifestyle.

Supportive group training in Glen Waverley

Our group training classes in Glen Waverley are the ideal way to increase your strength, speed, endurance and overall fitness. Working out in a supportive team environment is not only motivating, but it’s also stimulating, social and fun! The Pick It Up Fitness team believe that variety and intensity is the key to taking your overall performance to the next level. That’s why we provide a variety of training classes to suit different lifestyles, tastes and varying levels of fitness. Get your heart racing with high-intensity functional training, condition and strengthen your lower muscle groups, smash your upper body in an intense circuit class or strengthen and tone with an endurance hit — the choice is yours!

Pick It Up Fitness provides you with the tools to make sustainable changes to your health and fitness, providing dedicated training as well as education, structure, support and fun. We’ll challenge you to strengthen and tone all of your muscle groups, making full use of our fully equipped gym that everyone in Glen Waverley loves. Through our group fitness  classes in Glen Waverley, we’re proud to have helped many individuals to realise their potential. Take control of your health, fitness and wellbeing and start training today group fitness at Pick It Up Fitness Glen Waverley. Want to know more? Give us a call for more information or to arrange for your free trial session. We’d love for you to join the Pick It Up Fitness family.

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