Client Feedback: KRISSY

How has your nutrition and training changed since joining PIUF?


Fitness has always been an integral part of my life and I have enjoyed many different styles of training over the years, but never had I before PIUF, approached training and nutrition from a place of flexibility, balance and education. PIUF taught me about the importance of macro nutrients and hitting my targets daily to speed up my metabolism -increasing performance and endurance, while enjoying a flexible diet approach, still eating all the foods I love to eat! Actually, I have never eaten so much food before while still hitting fitness goals! It used to be about eating “perfect” and training every day, even if I was fatigued or injured. When I’ve been pushing it at training and feeling a little run down or super hungry, the coaches suggested I take some rest days and increased my calories and I came back feeling better than ever!

I think the biggest change for me since joining PIUF is my mindset and how much smarter I have become when it comes to my training. I’m aware of my body more than ever, resting when I need it, fuelling it with the right foods. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym every day, nor do you have to cut out “bad foods” to get the results you desire, but finding that balance of mind and body through knowledge, determination, hard work and trusting the process that everything will fall into place.

What was your favourite part of the challenge?


The weekly food diary and check ins with the coaches, it definitely kept me accountable and motivated me to keep going! I’ve participated in challenges before, but not a challenge that was so personalised based on each individual. It made the process fun and exciting, but it did not come easy! It took me a couple of weeks before I started to really get into the flow of it, tracking my food, hitting my macros and calories while aiming for 3-5 solid training sessions a week. Once I did, the changes came quickly.

What do you love about your coaches?


Their passion, drive, knowledge, enthusiasm and the genuine care, support and encouragement they have to all their members is inspiring and contagious!!

Their holistic approach and mindset to fitness and nutrition, being the best version of yourself while still enjoying life, is a breath of fresh air! They take into consideration, lifestyle, abilities, injuries – personalising and adjusting workouts and meal plans to suit the individual needs of the members. They truly want you to succeed, supporting and motivating you every step of the way.  They listen to what you have to say and are always checking in to see how you’re going in and out of the gym. It’s not always easy getting up to train at 6 am but when you walk through the doors and see the floor full of people ready to train and the coaches having a laugh with each other and the members, greeting everyone by name, you know you have come to a place where anything and everything is possible if you’re willing to put the work in!

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