Goal Setting

We help you set them, track them & achieve them!


Every goal is achievable! We will help put you on the right path by setting specific goals, breaking them down in to checkpoints and tracking your progress along the way. If you have the desire for success, we will be the fighting force behind you!

We get to know YOU…

There’s no such thing as one size fits all at Pick It Up Fitness. Your goal is specific to you – from weight loss to strength or muscle gains, so a generic training schedule or meal plan simply isn’t good enough by our standards! We take the time to learn what you’ve been doing, understand what you want to achieve, highlight the positive areas and work together to improve others.

We do the science


Now that we have a list of the foods you like, the times you can eat and your fitness goals, we can get started with the details.

Over the next 48 hours we’ll calculate your calories, split your macros and give you enough variety so you’ll enjoy every bite of your meal plan. We’ll work with you to devise a training schedule that fits with your routine and maximises your input to get you to your goal.

Now you’re on your own, right?

Wrong! When you join the Pick It Up Fitness family, you’re never on your own. Week by week, you’ll receive support and guidance from us. We’ll track your progress and continue to make changes to your plan so you never stop smashing through your goals!

Ready to get started?

Speak to one of your trainers at your next class, or send us a message and we’ll book you in for a goal setting get-to-know you chat.

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