Client Feedback: Sam

How has your mindset changed since joining PIUF?

My mindset definitely changed since becoming part of the PIUF fam. Previously, I would say to myself “I HAVE TO go and train now”. Now my mindset has changed to “I GET TO go and train now”. Suddenly, I started viewing training as time for myself, to better myself and not a chore I had to get over and done with. I think it has a lot to do with the environment and positive energy in the gym. I enjoy my training so much more now. I am more ‘present’ and focused during sessions because I love being there.

What do you love about your coaches?

Well, for starters they are all weapons! Haha! Honestly though, I love how knowledgeable they are about technique and form. No matter how many questions I have, they always take the time to give me the right information and advice. They’re always approachable. They make all the classes fun and challenging, there is a lot of variety across the week.

What keeps you coming back?

I work in emergency services so it’s often high stress and crazy shift work. I needed an environment with a lot of positive energy to pump me up after a stressful day. When I come into the gym it is my time switch off, Kath and Mike always have a big smile for me at the door and I love catching up with friends before class (and having a sneaky coffee!). Then when the buzzer goes, I knuckle down and smash out the workout. It is a big mental and physical release for me. I am pretty lucky to have found a place like PIUF.

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